Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Cookies

I ran all over town today trying to get Christmas shopping done. I waited til the last minute this year, which made it a little crazy. I had to buy the kids' gifts, Jackson's, as well as some gifts for friends. I also set out to find Christmas pajamas for both kids, as well as an outfit for Jax to wear to church. It was a lot more difficult than I expected and I had Addy with me, but thankfully the day went well. I got to have lunch with one of my best friends from college, and the bonus was coming home to make Christmas cookies with Jax! I enlisted the help of Caroline and Kendra, thinking that it would be a lot more fun (and less stressful!) if I had a little help. I was right, and Jax had a blast!
Showing him how to pour sprinkles
 Getting his first taste of the frosting-there was no turning back after this!
 Concentrating hard

 All smiles-Jax and his favorite ladies
 Getting a taste of the finished product
 We won't be seeing these on Pinterest any time soon-the frosting to cookie ratio was definitely a little skewed!
 We ended the night with baths and cuddles with Caroline and Kendra. I am so blessed to have incredible women like them who love on and invest in our children's lives. Jax loves them and so do I!
I am so thankful to be able to make these sweet memories with the kids!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Addalyn 2 Month Update

Addy Girl
How is it that you are two months already!? It's been so fun watching you grow and seeing your sweet personality start to develop.
You have fit right in with our family and you are dearly loved. It's been a fun month that included your first trip to Sunday church, your first Thanksgiving, your first road trip, and meeting your cousins for the first time! Here's what you've been up to.
 You weigh 11 pounds 13 ounces and are 23 inches long (75th % for height and weight)
You wear size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. Your newborn clothes stopped fitting this past week or so.
 You are eating 2 1/2 to 4 ounces every three hours during the day, and you sleep anywhere from 4-5 1/2 hours at night (although you did sleep 71/2  hours once for me a few days ago!)
We are working on getting you on a schedule, and so far you are super flexible, which I'm thankful for! We are on the go a lot, and you sleep so well in the car and car seat. I took you shopping one day and you slept the whole time!
You wake up around 7 or 7:30 in the morning for your first feeding, and you nap well throughout the day. At night we give you a bath and feed you and you're usually in bed around 7:30 or 8. 
 We've struggled with reflux this past month and really it's the only time I hear you crying. It's so sad to see you hurting from it, but I think we are getting it under control. Sometimes you have trouble going down at night, but for the most part you do well.

So your brother crashed your two month photo shoot...

 Poor thing, he really does LOVE you to pieces. It's so sweet.
At least to me it is. You, obviously, are not impressed!

This might very well be my favorite picture of the two of you. You look like you're pouting and he's just smiling away. It's so funny! Clearly, you have his impressive ability to make faces!

You love your play gym

And the swing, And the floor

 You are the most laid back. happy baby. All it takes is looking at you and you smile so big. 

You love your big brother and are always smiling at him. And let me tell you something, he loves you right back! He wakes you up in the morning, kisses you all day, and loves to lay on the floor or bed with you!

You are incredibly content and patient, which I am thankful for.

You finally got to meet Ms. Caroline
 Your First Sunday in church-you slept the whole time while Caroline held you

 You got to meet your great grandmother

Making silly faces and smiling

You played with your cousin Avery
 You got spoiled by your Papa
 Such a sweet face
 Your first Thanksgiving


As you can see from your pictures, you are a happy baby! You love to cuddle and snuggle with anyone willing to hold you. I am so thankful God has allowed me to be your mama and I am looking forward to watching you grow! We love you!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving day in Miami, filled with friends and family, and of course, great food! Addy got to meet her great aunts, her great grandmother, and cousins, and a bunch of other family members. I'm so thankful we had the chance to spend time with family!
 The girls wore the matching dresses I made them. So sweet!

Unfortunately, I was so busy taking care of Addy and chasing after Jax that I didn't get too many pictures! I'm going to have to try and get some from my mom and sister and post them later.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Will He Get?

For those of you wondering whether Jax will be getting a baby brother or sister, here's your answer! You'll have to forgive our looks-we just got out of the pool!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Latest Project

So I have been on a blogging hiatus for quite a while, but with good reason. I wanted to show you what I've been up to...Here is my latest sewing project for Jax:
That's right, we are expecting Baby #2 this October. We couldn't be happier about this incredible gift and are amazed at God's abundant blessings toward us. Obviously big brother doesn't have a fat clue as to how his world is going to be rocked with this latest addition, but I am excited for him to have a little brother or sister. I'm already praying that they be close and forge a strong bond that will last a lifetime. In the meantime, this mama has been exhausted! Things have definitely been rougher this second time around-mostly because I'm chasing after a VERY active toddler! Needless to say, pregnancy, night shift, and a toddler make for a tiring combination. The morning sickness has finally gotten better and I am thankful for that. I'll be back soon since we find out tomorrow whether Baby Jones is a boy or a girl!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To Jax on your First Birthday

My sweet baby boy
I can't believe today is your birthday. I knew this year would go by fast, but I truly had no idea. I can still remember your birth so vividly, that it really seems like just yesterday. Flashes of moments from the past year have been going through my head all day and I just shake my head in wonder at how fast it's gone by. Everyone warns me to soak it up and enjoy it because it goes by all too fast and it really has. Not every moment is easy or fabulous or even enjoyable, but I am grateful for each one. A sweet friend once told me that the days are long, but the years are short and I'm finding that to be true.

This year has been the best of my life. Not the easiest. Not the most balanced or restful or organized. But by far the best. You made me a Mama. I had no idea what it would feel like or look like to be a mom, but now I can't imagine it any other way.

I know it's so cliche, but you've taught me so much- so many things I thought I already knew. I've learned some really amazing things, and some humbling things. Some lessons are ongoing and not yet completed-and they might never be this side of heaven. But I'm learning none the less.

I've learned what real worry and fear is. I spent the first few weeks of your life fluctuating between awe and fear, worrying about the "what ifs" regarding your health and safety and future. I learned just how little I trusted God to take care of you, and I'm learning just how much I can trust Him. I've learned what mercy and grace really look like, what the unconditional love of a parent feels like. And I've gotten just a taste of what the unconditional love of our God must be like. You've taught me that it's ok for the house to be messy and that dishes can wait, and that things don't always have to be or look or seem perfect. You've shown me just how amazing my parents are and made me realize the sacrifices and grace that they have shown me. I'm learning to let go of the control I never really had any way, and accept my limitations for what they are: chances for God to show me just how much He is able to meet my needs and heal my hurts and fix my shortcomings. I'm learning about what is really and truly important, and how very little actually fits into that category. I'm learning how to ask for help and how to say I'm sorry.

I've learned what it is to be truly thankful. For health and safety. Most nights as I sit and rock you I just thank God for you and how healthy you are and that we are able to provide for you. I'm all too aware of the fact that a lot of moms can't say that. I'm thankful for medicine when your sick and the ability to go to the store and buy you food to eat and clothes for you to wear. I'm thankful for friends and family who love you and care about you. I'm thankful for the freedom to take you to church and to read you the Bible and teach you about God. I've tried hard not to complain about waking up in the middle of the night with you or getting up early. I realize how many women would love to have a little one keeping them up all night and don't and just how blessed I am. I get to be the one you run to when you're hurting, the one you want holding you when your sick. What a precious gift that is.

You make me want to be a better Christian. I've become so aware of the fact that this is all temporary and that there is a lot more that hangs in the balance than whether you sleep through the night or have a clean shirt to wear. This world is fighting so hard to have you and convince you that you have to be rich or popular or great at sports or watch this show or any other number of things to be successful or popular or whatever it wants you to believe. But your daddy and I are fighting that much harder to show you that there is a God who loves you unconditionally and who wants to know you personally. A God Who wants you to have character and honor and integrity and truth. And we are praying with all of our hearts for the wisdom and grace to show you those things. Not just to teach you those things, but to live them out daily for you, to be the example of what God wants us to be. I have a sense of urgency now that I've never really had before, to learn and to grow and to be that woman God created me to be so that I can help you become the man that God wants you to be. I know I'm going to make mistakes. I already have and will continue to. But I'm praying that God will cover me with the grace that will be needed for us both to learn from them.

You've brought so much joy to our lives. You are incredibly smart and are quite mischievous. You love to laugh and smile. I look back at all the pictures I have of you from the past year, and so many of them are with your mouth wide open in a huge smile. That's you in a nutshell. Happy, laid back, full of joy. It does make me a little sad, a little nostalgic to know you're growing up so fast. I know it's all a part of life and being a mom and that it continues to get more interesting and fun. But part of me wants to capture you at all these stages so I can remember just what it was like at this time in your life. I kiss your little feet after bath time, knowing all too soon they will grow into the smelly feet of a grown man :). I was rocking tonight at bedtime, just holding you tight, and you lifted your sweet little head in the dark and opened your mouth so I could give you a kiss and my heart melted all over again. I am so thankful for you and proud of you. You are showing me what an amazing calling and responsibility that motherhood is. And I couldn't be more grateful.
You will always be my baby boy.
I love you,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jax's 9 Month Update

9 months. Wow. This has been such a fun month. I can't believe how much you're growing and the things you are doing. This month has been filled with mischief and adventure as your little personality comes out. It's been exciting (and a little tiring!). Here's what you've been up to this past month:

You weigh 23 3/4 pounds and are 29 3/4 inches long (90th% for both height and weight). You are a big boy!

You are wearing a few 6-12 months, but mostly 12 month clothes.

You still have just your bottom 2 teeth, although I think the top ones are going to pop through soon.

You are on a pretty good schedule: waking up around 6:30-7, taking two good naps a day, and asleep between 7:30 and 8:00 pm.

You take four bottles a day, usually 6-8 ounces

You are such a happy boy!

(Have I mentioned you are very active?)
Here you are at your 9 month check up

You love to eat and are eating just about anything: cheerios, yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken veggies, and anything mommy and daddy have, you want!

You drink lots of water!
You are pulling up on all the furniture and cruise around pretty fast. You also crawl at lightening speed- I have a hard time keeping up with you!

(these pictures are getting difficult to take, since you are not keen on sitting still!)
You say "mama", "dada" and "hi". You wave hi and by.
You love to giggle and laugh.
You play with a lot of different toys (although you'd prefer to have the remote control and laptop!).

You love your blankie and carry it around in your mouth.

You have an intense love/hate relationship with the vacuum.

You still love being outside and playing.

You try to (and succeed!) eat grass-all the time.

You love going for walks-your little legs kick back and forth in the stroller-it's so cute!

You are such a little helper: Here you are helping your daddy and papa fix some things around the house.

You are such an easy kid-we can take you anywhere: restaurants, stores, church

And we also have a good time staying at home and playing :)

You love going to the park and playing on the swings

We went for our last swim of the season

and our first trip to the zoo

You had your first taste of smoothies

And your first taste of custard....

Your Papa came to visit for a week to help mama out while daddy was out of town

You're still very much a daddy's boy

I love seeing you sleep

You are such a sweet boy and I can't imagine my life without you. The days are so busy but I wouldn't change it for the world!
We love you so much!
Mama and Daddy