Friday, November 5, 2010

The Nursery-Part 1

Sorry for the long break in blogging. My only defense is that we got back from our "babymoon" and hit the ground running. I feel like I havn't stopped since! Anyways, I wanted to show the nursery and all the work that has been done so far. I am kicking myseld for not having gotten any good "before" pictures of the room. It used to be our guest room and had my furniture set from before we were married in it. Now it has been all cleaned out and is waiting for a crib! My amazing father and husband worked around the clock for 2 days to finish the beadboard and I love the way it turned out. It is definitely my favorite room in the house! I tried to help a little but ended up in a lot of pain and with some contractions to show for it, so my role was changed to that of supervisor (it is what I do best)! Anyways, here are some of the pictures of them working on it, along with the after shots. It's hard to get an accurate picture of the paint color, but it's a light blue/grey and I love it. I havn't decided on curtains yet, so for now we just put the old ones up.

Supervisor (ignore the crazy hair and the sweaty look!):

Not so happy worker (I get that annoyed look a lot when I'm supervising...I wonder why?)

Papa working hard:

Blessed with sweet, thoughtful gifts. He is so loved already:

We just found out the furniture came in (yay!). I will be updating as we make major changes and I'm hoping to get the bedding in soon. I'll be back tomorrow with my 29 week update!

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