Tuesday, October 26, 2010

27 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 27 Weeks
Size of Baby:
He is the size of an eggplant. 16 inches and 2.5 pounds.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't know and I don't want to know... Bottom line: I'm big!
Maternity Clothes: All of my clothes are now maternity.
Best Moment this week: Our "Babymoon" in the Blur Ridge Mountains courtesy of the Connor family and their beautiful house. It was great just to spend some time with just the two of us.
Gender: Boy!!!
Movement: Yes. All the time. I have a feeling he's gonna be an active baby. He's been kicking pretty hard too. I told him I was gonna have to give him a spanking if he kept hurting me! Daddy thinks it's funny... me, not so much.
Food Craving: Still no real cravings, which is good for Jackson since I'm not sending him out to get me pie at 3 am!
What I miss: Sleep
Sleep: I do not sleep well and am slowly resigning myself to the truth that I probably won't sleep well for the next 18 years!
What I am looking forward to: The nursery. Construction started yesterday with my dad and Jackson working til late at night and they started back up early today.
Belly Button: In
Symptoms: Still the occasional reflux/heartburn. Now it is mostly just mild back pain and fatigue. Overall I feel pretty well.

I can't believe I'm 27 weeks already, I feel like the past 2 months have just flown by. It's been fun to see/feel the progress and growth the baby is making, although I am afraid we have quite the feisty little boy on our hands. I was reading a book this weekend in the recliner and had it resting on my belly, which was clearly ticking him off because he kept trying to kick it off! I was trying to read while the book kept moving up and down. Evidently he's not keen on sharing his space and was quite verbal about it. We might be in trouble!!

There are a lot of exciting things I'm looking forward to over the next several weeks and my goal is to be better at blogging about it. The furniture and bedding have been ordered and we've already been blessed with several sweet (and practical) gifts. I'm going to do a post later this week with some before pictures of the bedroom and some of the ones I've taken over the past 2 days with my two favorite men working on it. Stay tuned!

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