Monday, February 28, 2011

Lazy Days

We had a great day yesterday. It was one of those afternoons that I just sat back and enjoyed. I went to the gym in the early afternoon (for the first time in forever!). When I got home the baby had just woken up but it was a little early for him to eat but he was not having it. Jackson had some errands to run so I decided to put Jax in the Baby Bjorn and venture outside to keep him occupied until it was time for him to eat. The moment we stepped outside, he passed out. It's like magic.

The few times he's been fussy and I've gone outside, he's gone right to sleep. So I took a walk with him around the neighborhood while he slept and then he ate.

Afterwards I decided to take him back outside since it was an absolutely beautiful day. So armed with a big sheet and a few magazine, the baby and I headed outside. We had a blast. He just kicked and moved and smiled as I played with him. Of course, we were in the front yard (our backyard needs work done) so when daddy got home he was a little embarrassed that we were hanging out in the front yard. He did give in though, and pulled up a chair and hung out for a while. We then decided to head to Sonic for dinner which was a blast. We parked and ordered our food and I took the baby out of his carseat and brought him up front with us. I found one of my old mix CDs from college and put it in and proceeded to sing (in a very bad voice) to the baby. Neither he or Jackson were impressed. Ha! After we ate I had to change the baby so I opened up the back of the truck and changed the baby, which, according to Jackson, solidified my status as a hillbilly. First I hang out with the baby in the front yard and then I change diapers on the tailgate of the car at Sonic. I spent the whole dinner laughing. It certainly wasn't our "typical" dinner date that we would have before the baby was born, but it was a load of fun and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To...

I posted this picture last night on facebook with the caption "and the Oscar for best actor in a drama goes to...". Hahaha! Lately this little boy has had a flair for the dramatic in making his feelings known. He Primarily when he's hungry or tired! Saturday I put him on the playmat on the floor and he started crying and kicking so hard that he rolled himself over from his tummy to his back! Luckily, these little fits don't seem to be routine for him. He's generally a pretty sweet baby. He just has a bit of fire in him when he wants to!
As proof, here he is a little later

Thankfully, that good mood continued thru the night when he slept for close to 7 hours. I was more than happy about that!
I love this little guy. He definitely makes life a lot more fun!

First Day at Church

So today was a special day for the Jones family. Today was our first day at Idlewild as a family of three. Our church has been a huge part of our lives as individuals, as a couple, and now as a family. Church is where we met and fell in love. It's where we were married. It's where our closest friends come together as a family to worship. And today we had the blessing of taking our son with us. My prayer is that he will love God and the church just as much as we do. I've been looking forward to this day forever and I am so thankful God allowed it to happen. We had a rough night last night and it was clear that satan was gonna make it hard for us to get there, but God is faithful and we made it-on time no less! We (read, I) was never on time when I didn't have a baby! Here is our little guy all dressed for church. I know I'm biased, but I think he looks pretty stinkin' cute!

First we went to our Bible Fellowship class where our sweet friends were so happy to see him. Of course Uncle Flip had to hold him for a bit! He did pretty well, although he got a little fussy around feeding time (surprise, surprise)! Then we went to the service where we saw Ms. Margaret and Mr. Stu who took some sweet pictures of Jax during the worship time.

We decided to keep him with us this week during the service but starting next week he'll go to the nursery and hopefully make some new friends. Jax fell asleep finally and slept through most of the service (sorry Pastor Ken, he doesn't get that from me!). I think he was excited to see so many people he fought it for a while and afterwards, he was out like a light.

We picked up some lunch and headed home for the day. Jax was still asleep when we got there, but of course woke up AS SOON AS I sat down to eat! I got up and started feeding him, during which he loaded his pants with a special present for mommy. It was everywhere. So we (it took 2 of us!) got him all cleaned up and I finished feeding him. An hour or so later I finally got to eat lunch. It was cold, which I have a feeling is how most of my meals will be now that I am a mommy! Then he and I settled down for a nice nap. I decided that Jax is a true Baptist at heart, seeing as he took a nice 3 hour nap after church and lunch!
We are so thankful for our wonderful church and look forward to many more Sundays there as a family!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jax's First Road Trip

This past weekend we took Jax on his first road trip-to see his Miami family. We left Friday morning to head to see my folks in Homestead. You can tell he was excited:

We drove straight to my grandmother's house for "Happy Hour" on Friday night when we got into town. The person most excited to meet him...

Alex, Jax's cousin. He's been wanting to meet "baby Jax" for quite a while now, and couldn't have been happier to hold him (as evidenced by the smile on his face!). He did a great job holding him and kept telling us that "babies go caca in their pants". That seemed to be the one tidbit of information on babies that stuck with him. Ha! He also got to meet a few of his aunts, as well as his great grandmother. I'm kicking myself now, but I have no pictures of them holding him!
Saturday morning I woke up and went into the little man's room but he wasn't there. I found him a minute later lying in bed in between his Grammy and Papa. The irony in this, of course, is that my parents NEVER allowed us in their bedroom, let alone in their bed!!! And so the spoiling began. He spent Saturday morning on the playmat playing with my dad (which you won't see any pics of my dad because he doesn't want to be "googled", haha!). My father was not a fan of the classical music being played by his Baby Einstein playmat. According to him, he's going to grow up drinking tea and wearing a fedora due to all the "English music". He is hilarious.

My dad and mom watched him Saturday afternoon because Jackson and I ended up going and buying a car! We weren't planning on it, but we found something we loved that gave us a lot more room and it was a great deal! So my dad went back with us to the dealership and kept the little man entertained while we signed all the paperwork. Of course he and Jax had their eyes on a slightly different car...

After that we went to my sister's house for a wonderful dinner, where he got to meet his Uncle Eddie for the first time, and of course, visit with his cousin as well...

What a mess!
Sunday some of my family came down to meet Jax, including his Uncle Danny and Aunt Mandy, whom he got to meet for the first time.

He also got to meet his "tia" and cousin Natalie, who were so excited to get to hold him!

Of course, Aunt Debi and Uncle Eddie also got their turn...

The truth is, these pictures are a little misleading, since 99% of the time Papa would not let anyone else hold his little boy!
While that was going on, so was this insanity...

My dad took Alex on the tractor and then was trying to teach him how to lasso. It was pretty hilarious-especially when my dad began trying to lasso Alex!
Sunday night, Grammy and Papa babysat while Jackson and I went out on a date, which was wonderful (actually, I think the grandparents pretty much kicked us out so they could spoil Jax without our protesting!). We went and saw the King's Speech, our first movie in almost a year, and it was wonderful. We were so thankful to get to spend some time out on our own and allow Jax to bond with his grandparents.
Monday we packed up and went to visit my "cuban family", the Lugos. I was so glad they finally got to meet Jax. After that we went out to lunch with my parents and sister and then headed back to Tampa. All in all, we had a great weekend and I am so thankful we had the chance to do that. Jax was great and did well traveling, which we were so excited about. Hopefully, it was just the first of many successful family vacations!

Friday, February 18, 2011

One Month Old

Today you are one moth old. We can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by! You have been an absolute joy and mommy and daddy can't imagine life without you. We have enjoyed a month of firsts with you:
Your first bath

Your first photo shoot

your first visit from Aunt Debi

Your first IV (not a good first...)

Your first party

Your first Valentine's Day

And the one that melted my heart, your first smile

What you've been up to:

-You are wearing 0-3 months clothes and have just about grown out of the newborn size (you're too long!)
-You wear size one diapers
-Your weight this week was 10 pounds 5 ounces
-You make all kinds of silly faces!

-Mommy and Daddy have fun with you too....

-You like to eat, a lot! you are taking 4 ounces every three to four hours, and just last night you started sleeping well and only woke up once! You slept until 8 am and mommy couldn't have been happier.
-You have really started to enjoy your play gym

Mommy lays you down on the mat and you kick and play for a long time...

Until this happens...

-We're working hard on getting you onto a schedule, but some days you're awake for hours and other days you like to sleep all day. When you're awake, you're so happy and when you sleep, you sleep hard!

(your hair looks red in this picture, which will make Grammy happy)
-You slept all the way through your first Super Bowl Party..

-You're very inquisitive and like to look around and take it all in. Mommy thinks that's why you like to fight falling asleep and're afraid you're gonna miss something!

-You love your pacifier, but just recently have discovered your hands. We'll see which one wins out!

-You love your daddy and mommy enjoys watching the two of you together

..although you often sucker him into letting you stay up instead of napping!
-You love to snuggle, which makes mommy so happy!

-You are very strong and are just about holding your head up on your own. You do a great job pushing up on your arms.

-Your eyes are still blue and your hair is starting to get lighter. We're so curious to find out what color hair you're going to have.

-We love that you're such a happy baby, and we can't believe how fast you're growing. We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next month will bring.