Sunday, April 24, 2011


I was so excited about our first Easter Sunday as a family of three. What a blessing to celebrate our risen Savior with our baby boy. It added so much perspective this year. The idea of God giving his only perfect Son to die for a sinful people is overwhelming. I can't imagine watching my boy suffer the way He did. The fact that He did not intervene and allowed His life to be sacrificed for us is an amazing demonstration of His incredible love. I am so thankful for the ultimate gift that was given, and the fact that He is risen!
We had a great day that started out with a visit from the Easter bunny. Jax wasn't sure what to think about his basket.

Then we got dressed and posed for a few more pictures before church.
Checking out the basket

Not sure about things..

And deciding you'd rather have your hand!

After church we went outside and took a few pictures

Now mommy's turn...

Enough mom!

Handsome boy. I think he looked so adorable! He looked like Jackson's mini-me. I think he could have gone to work at Bank of America!

After church we ran home to change clothes and then went straight to Grandpa's (Jackson's dad) house. We had a great lunch and it was nice to visit with the family. Jax did have an impressive meltdown though, since he hadn't napped all day. Thankfully it only lasted about 10 minutes and then he passed out. After that we went over to my "adopted" family's house for dinner. The Whitten's have been so sweet to me these past several years and I am so thankful to be considered a part of their family. It makes being away from my family a little easier on the holidays.
Here he is with Uncle Flip

and Aunt Kim

and Grandma Vincent

Presley and McKenna

Me and my boy

We had a great Easter spent with family and friends and I am so thankful that Jax got to be a part of it this year.

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