Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nursery Peek

Ok, so I know I promised that I would do this post yesterday but my work schedule has not been favorable this week and needless to say, the babies have not been kind to this poor, tired pregnant woman! So better a day late then never.

It took me forever to pick out furniture. I've gone back and forth a hundred times, would pick something, and then change my mind again. I think Jackson stopped listening to me after a while! This past weekend we went to Brandon after church to look at some of the furniture possibilities. The amusing story from that day is that I thought I was being smart and brought a pair of flat slip on shoes/sandals to change into after church, knowing that my feet would probably hurt and I wanted to be comfortable while shopping. What I didn't consider is that my feet would be so swollen that I couldn't get those shoes even halfway on! And there was no way I was putting my church shoes back on...they killed my feet. Thankfully there was a Sports Authority right next to the baby store where we were able to run in (with my shoes half on!) and buy a cheap pair of flip flops. Definitely a memorable moment.

After that, we were able to go to the baby store and test the car seat and stroller we picked out and looked at a few pieces of furniture. We also drove to another store that carried a brand I really wanted to look at, but of course it was out of business. After searching on the internet I found the same set at a store in Miami and it was 15% off. Best thing is that my wonderful dad can pick it up and deliver it, so no delivery fee! I can't wait to see what it looks like once the room is done. Here is a picture of what we ordered:

The bottoms are a little different, but the color and style are basically the same. I'm really happy with the choice and can't wait to see it in person!
Tonight I plan on staying up and cleaning out the guest bedroom that will become the nursery so that we can start getting things done in there. Next, on the list is ordering the bedding. Can't wait!
And on a not-so-attractive note (can't believe I'm putting this picture up, but the purpose of my blogging is to have a way to remember everything-even the ugly), here is a picture of my lovely feet after a crazy few days at work. Not a good sign of things to come....yikes!

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