Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I swallowed a Pumpkin-weekend recap

So I am way behind on the weekly updates, but I'm thinking it's my husband's fault for not taking pictures of me. I keep saying we need to do it, but then he always wants to take a picture of me when I am tired with no makeup and wearing his gym shorts and t-shirts cause that's all that will fit as far as comfortable clothes is concerned. But I'm not one to cast blame so I won't mention it :)

Anyways, this weekend was a blast. I flew home to Miami (since my father has deemed it completely inappropriate for me to drive more than 5 miles in my "delicate condition") for the UM-FSU game, which we will not talk about, as well as for my family baby shower. Friday I got into town and had the chance to take a nap and then meet my sister and her family as well as my mom and Barbara for dinner. The highlight was sitting next to this cutie in the pirate shirt I made him.

He is so funny. He came into the bathroom when I was in there and asked me if I "wanted him to turn on the air conditioner?" and proceeded to turn on the fan to vent the bathroom. He then said "see, the air feels good!". What a hot mess!

After dinner we went to the mall to shop at a store where my sweet cousing works. I got tons of adorable clothes for the baby at a great price. Saturday was the game, which again, we will not mention. Except to say I had a great time hanging out with my dad and my aunt, even if Miami did lose. My father is the best tailgater I know-we have tons of good food and a flat screen TV hooked up to the satellite so we can watch all the other games. Inevitably we end up with a random crowd of strangers hanging out with us because they all want to watch the TV. We were quite popular. We even had some of the MIami Dade Fire Rescue guys stop by. My brother said he got a little worried when he was meeting up with us and saw them-he thought I'd gone into labor or something. Nope, they were just watching the Alabama game with us!

Sorry the pic is so bad. It was taken on my phone at dusk...

Sunday I woke up to this little boy banging on the bathroom door. He had stuffed a baby doll up his shirt and told me "look, I have a baby in my belly too!". He loves his little cousin Jackson and spent the morning kissing and hugging my belly.

He also spent the morning doing this:

Yes, I let his insane mother talk me into painting my belly like a pumpkin. Of course once I saw how big my belly is in these pictures I'd say it's more like a whole patch of pumpkins (yikes!!). I can't believe I'm even putting any of these pictures on here, but I figured my little man might as well know what kind of a nutty family he's being born into. We also painted Alex's belly too.

I was a mess and I think my sister definitely enjoyed it most out of all of us! And as my friend Jenn just told me, she's going to see me around Thanksgiving when she can paint it like a Turkey....I think I've set a bad precedent. All I know is, it may shake like a bowl full of jelly, but I am not painting my belly to look like Santa this Christmas!
I look huge in these pictures...very scary. Oh well, 14 and a half weeks to go!

Sunday afternoon was the baby shower which was hosted by my family. I'm going to do a separate post about that with all the pictures, so check out the blog tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

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