Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Unanimous

I am so thankful for everyone who has checked in to read my little blog and I really enjoyed hearing everybody's feedback. Every single person that commented on the blog and on facebook voted for the first bedding set! That was my original choice, which just goes to show that you should always stick with your instincts, and that I really need to stop looking!
I am hoping to have the bedding ordered by this weekend, and it will take 4-6 weeks to get here. On another note, I got my first baby shower gift in the mail today (thank you Barbara!) and I think it all of a sudden hit me that I am going to have a baby to take care of soon! Never mind the rapidly expanding belly or the alien kicks going on inside of me, it took seeing the Fisher Price Infant Seat inside my house to make me realize just how fast this is happening. That being said, we couldnt' be happier. These past few weeks have been so fun now that the little man is kicking and moving around so much. I'm getting little glimpses of who he is, and I must say, it's pretty amusing. I was at work the other night and had to go over to the bedside of a baby girl who was screaching at the top of her lungs. As soon as I got near her my little one started kicking and moving around like crazy in protest. Needless to say, I don't think he appreciated the crying! We're still waiting for Jackson to be able to feel him move, and I think it should happen soon as he is getting quite forceful with his soccer practice in there. The day I first felt him move Jackson asked me "can I feel it?" to which I responded "I don't think so, it's not strong enough". He looked at me with a serious face and said "Selfish!". He's a mess, but he makes me laugh.
We've also invested in a little doppler for home so I can hear his heartbeat (and squelch my paranoia). It's nice to have that reassuring little "woosh woosh" noise whenever I want.
Tomorrow I'll be back with my 25 week (can't believe it!) post. And a picture of my huge stomach. But I wouldn't hold my breath on the weight gain report....
Have a great day!!

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