Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To...

I posted this picture last night on facebook with the caption "and the Oscar for best actor in a drama goes to...". Hahaha! Lately this little boy has had a flair for the dramatic in making his feelings known. He Primarily when he's hungry or tired! Saturday I put him on the playmat on the floor and he started crying and kicking so hard that he rolled himself over from his tummy to his back! Luckily, these little fits don't seem to be routine for him. He's generally a pretty sweet baby. He just has a bit of fire in him when he wants to!
As proof, here he is a little later

Thankfully, that good mood continued thru the night when he slept for close to 7 hours. I was more than happy about that!
I love this little guy. He definitely makes life a lot more fun!

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