Friday, February 4, 2011

Jax Update

I'm so thankful for everyone's prayers today-we definitely felt God's peace and presence as the little man went through all his tests. He didn't even cry during his IV or catheter, he just sucked on his pacifier for dear life. Anyways, here's an update on what has been going on:
Jax's prenatal ultrasounds at 20 and 30 weeks were all read as normal. I was working one night (I was 34 weeks at that time) and I was joking around with one of the doctor's that I work with about how big the baby was going to be. So we made a bet because he didn't think his weight was going to be that high and I did. Anyways, I ran down to the ultrasound area that night and asked the sweet ultrasound tech to get an estimated weight for me. While he was doing the ultrasound he casually mentioned "and there's the right hydronephrosis" (which is essentially a swelling in the kidney), which was a shock to me. There was really nothing to do about it at that time so I talked with my OB and we just decided to evaluate it after he was born. They did an ultrasound last week which showed severe hydronephrosis and we met with the Urologist who ordered some more tests which were done today. Essentially, he as a UPJ obstruction (ureteropelvic junction obstruction) which is causing backup in the kidney. We are praying for there to still be function in his kidney so that they can just repair the part that is obstructed. The other (not so good) possibility is that he won't have any function and the kidney will have to be removed. Right now that seems unlikely as the doctor seemed to think there was good tissue remaining. All this to say it's been a hard week on us, finding out that our sweet baby boy would need surgery (especially when you throw in a hormonal momma on top of it all), but we are so grateful in that we have clearly seen God's hand in it all. We should have never found out about his condition prenatally and thanks to a random ultrasound and comment from the tech, we did. He has two kidney, which means even if one is removed, he can still live a healthy life. My aunt is a nephrologist and has been so helpful in giving us information. The doctors I work with are incredibly kind and supportive and have been contacting other specialists for help and advice. Working where I do, I see some pretty awful, heartbreaking things and I'm trying to keep that in perspective. I'm thankful that this is something that can be treated. We have received so many words of encouragement, love and support from family and friends. I know there have been so many people praying for him-it was evident today when he went through those painful procedures and barely made a peep. I had been praying for God's peace to be present and it truly was. Most of all, I am praying that in all this, God would be glorified. He has a purpose in everything that He does and I take great encouragement from that. We meet with the specialist on Monday and should have the results from the tests, and hopefully, a plan. I will keep everyone updated here. Again, thanks for the prayers!
What a cutie :)

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