Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bad Hair Days

I was in labor, trying my hardest to push a 7 and a half pound watermelon out and all I could hear was my mom saying "he's got so much hair, you should see all this hair!". Well, sorry mom, but I'm a little busy right now.
Not too much later, however, I got to hold my sweet baby boy and see firsthand his full head of dark hair.

Everyone said it would probably fall out. It hasn't. It's gotten longer. And he's gotten more active. Which makes for some very interesting looks, particularly following bedtime. In fact, not only is his hair wild, it gets tangled. It's like nothing I've ever seen. I never thought I'd be putting detangler in my 4 month old's hair! And if you think I'm exaggerating, here's proof:

Crazy, huh?
All this to say, nothing makes me smile like going in to my baby boy's room in the morning and seeing what kind of shape his hair is in. And seeing how it looks as the day progresses. So I figured, what kind of mother would be if I didn't document it? In looking back over his pictures, I've discovered that Jax has had the uncanny ability to copy some pretty famous hairstyles. For example:
The "Cartoon Character"

The "Zoolander"

The "Eddie Munster"

The "Beiber"

The "Don King"

The "Mullet"

The "1980's Poof":

The "Surfer Dude"

And a few that are just unique to Jax (and pretty indescribable!) ...

(such a sad face....maybe 'cause he knew this post was coming!!)

I probably will have to hide this post from his when he's older. As my friend Tara reminded me-he'll be the one picking out my nursing home! Ha!
No matter the hairstyle, I definitely think I have the cutest baby around and LOVE that he's got the hair to match his fun loving, laid back personality!

Here's a little video that I took on one particularly interesting hair morning...

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