Friday, June 24, 2011

Beach Baby

We arrived in Miami Thursday night and first thing Friday morning we got up and headed to South Beach! I was excited to take Jax for his first visit to the ocean but so nervous about how his pale skin would handle the hot sun! You're not supposed to put sunscreen on infants until about 6 months so I knew I had to keep him covered up. Thankfully, his daddy had bought him a little sun tent for shade. Of course we stopped and picked up Debi and Alex on the way (...and his Papa decided to play hookie and take the day off to join us as well)!.
Turns out Jax LOVED the sand. And the water!
First we sat him down for his first experience with sand. It didn't take him long to dig right in!

Then it was off to the water with Papa in his little floatie raft.

And this is where he stayed for the next 45 minutes!

Hard at work...

After Aunt Debi let him eat a handful of sand-he was way too quick for her! According to my dad, he's gonna be pooping concrete after this!

I LOVE this picture of Jax and his Papa!

I think our first beach trip was a success! Maybe I'll get brave and take him again by myself once we get back home!

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